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DECEMBER 26, 2016

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The Best Of The Stuph File
Episode - #0384 (58:07)
Anson Williams is best known for his role as Potsie Weber on the iconic sitcom Happy Days. Since that show's historic run Williams has gone on to be an award-winning television director, writer, producer, and entrepreneur. And with a new book, he has also ventured into the kitchen. He's the co-author of The Perfect Portion Cookbook.
Actor/director/singer Don Most, best known for his starring role on Happy Days, has been singing up a storm of late. He talks about his musical side, and remembers late producer/director, Garry Marshall.
Mike Wolfe from Idaho has an extremely hairy back. But with the help of his friend, Tyler Harding, he's turned it into art, which you can display year round in the form of a calendar called Calendhair. Part of the proceeds from the calendar go to Gates of Hope Foundation, which empowers youth in Kenya and refugee youth in Boise, Idaho through education.
Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters are the creators of Liquid Ass, an overwhelming, stinky, prank product. Once unleashed, this power packed, super concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh manure.
Matthew Boustead is one of the three engineers who have a small brewery in Melbourne, Australia called 7 Cent Brewery. They recently announced the launch of Belly Button Beer, perhaps the first beer in the world fermented from yeast captured from the brewer's belly button fluff.
Lainey Morse runs a farm in Oregon. But there is a side business on the farm that is garnering a lot of attention. It's called Goat Yoga. You can also find out more information on Lainey's Facebook page.
Davy Rothbart is a best selling author and a contributor to the hit public radio show, This American Life. He's also the creator of Found Magazine and the new podcast series of the same name that just started.
Leslee Udwin is the documentary filmmaker behind the controversial BBC film India's Daughter, about the 2012 fatal gang-rape of a woman in New Delhi. The film includes an interview with one of the rapists who blamed women.
Toni Tennille is best known for her '70s and '80s chart-topping hits as half of the pop duo Captain & Tennille. She has now written her life story entitled, Toni Tennille: A Memoir. (You can also check out her Facebook page).
Peter James is one of the UK's bestselling crime and thriller novelists. His Roy Grace detective novels have sold over 17 million copies worldwide. His 12th novel in the series is entitled Love You Dead.
This week's opening slate is presented by my sister Yolanda McFarlane.
Music heard on this week's show includes:
  • Soulful Strut - Grover Washington Jr. (opening theme)
  • Can't Be Still - Booker T. & MG's (music bed)
  • Grazing In The Grass - Hugh Masakela (music bed)
  • Stink - John Lurie (closing theme)
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