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JULY 18, 2016

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Episode - #0361 (57:39)
Steve Kettmann is the co-founder of The Wellstone Center in the Redwoods, a writer's retreat that brings people together in a tranquil and peaceful environment in the Santa Cruz Mountains to provide them with new ideas and inspiration and also by publishing a select number of books through their Wellstone Books imprint.
Science writer Andrew Fazekas, "The Night Sky Guy" is back with space news, this time discussing NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter. Andrew is also the author of Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages.
Ron Schaumburg is the creator of a new card game inspired by the wild 2016 Republican presidential. It's called TrumpIt! The Art of the Dealer Card Game, which combines familiar elements of classic trick-taking games that use trumps, like Bridge and Spades, with a dash of Crazy Eights-like unpredictability.
This week's opening slate is presented by Craig Francis, creative director at Kidoons.
Music heard on this week's show includes:
  • Soulful Strut - Grover Washington Jr. (opening theme)
  • Shock The Monkey - Peter Gabriel (liner music)
  • Can't Be Still - Booker T & The MG's (liner music)
  • Stink - John Lurie (closing theme)
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