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OCTOBER 26, 2009

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Episode - #0009 (54:59)
Comic book creator Al Bigley talks about his latest project. The new superhero featured in the comic Geminar, which is available on iTunes.
Andrew Fazekas, "The Night Sky Guy" with his star gazing feature.
We meet a rock climbing British teenager who escaped death in a 60-foot, head first cliff fall. His name . . . Peter Holder. Check here to read his story.
Remembering Soupy Sales. We pay tribute to the classic comedian who recently passed away at the age of 83, by playing a small segment of his visit on our old radio show 11 years ago.
(If you have RealAudio, you can hear the full interview by going to the Audio Files section of my website).
Ben Patrick Johnson is a talented voice over announcer (the voice of this podcast), social activist and author. His latest book, his fourth, is entitled If the Rains Don't Cleanse.
(To hear Ben's new commercial for his book, click here)

(Click or roll over the icon at left to order directly from

(Click or roll over the icon at left to order directly from

Steve Walsh, with another segment of Steve Walsh: Our Man In The Heart Of America Checking The Pulse Of The Nation. Find out what wacky things our Jefferson City, Missouri based correspondant has found in the U.S. You can follow Steve in his day job at MissouriNet and check out the blog that he does.
This week's opening slate is presented by Keith Perron, host of Happy Station Show. Here's a list of shortwave and Internet broadcast times for his program.


  • 0100UTC to 0200UTC (9pm to 10pm EDT) - Directed to South America/Caribbean - Frequency: 9955khz
  • 1500UTC to 1600UTC (11am to 12am EDT) - Directed to North America/Caribbean - Frequency: 9955khz
  • Web stream for the above at:
  • 0700UTC to 0755UTC (300am to 355am EDT) - Directed to West Coast Canada and USA - Frequency: 9955khz
  • Web stream for the above at:
  • 1000UTC TO 1055UTC (600am to 655am EDT) - Directed to Tawa, Redwood, Wellington/New Zealand - Frequency: 88.5fm
  • Web stream for the above at:
  • 1305UTC to 1359UTC (905am to 959am) - Across Indonesia - Frequency: Various AM/FM
Music heard on this week's podcast include:
  • Soulful Strut - Grover Washington Jr. (opening theme)
  • Butterfly - Herbie Hancock (liner music)
  • Oh Canada - Five Iron Frenzy (liner music)
  • Stink - John Lurie (closing theme)

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