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OCTOBER 19, 2009

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Episode - #0008 (54:35)
Greg Kohfeldt runs Greg's Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey. If you stop by his establishment, you'll be able to use Hitler's toilet. It still works! The toilet was featured on the website
Robert Ferringo is a sports handicapper who guides bettors on He's on to talk about sports betting and superstitions. You can also check out his blog at
It's The Mailbag as we check the emails, Facebook messages and Twitter tweets that have come into the show. Mentioned during the mail was:
Ben Patrick Johnson is a talented voice over announcer (the voice of this podcast), social activist and author. His latest book, his fourth, is entitled If the Rains Don't Cleanse.
(To hear Ben's new commercial for his book, click here)

(Click or roll over the icon at left to order directly from

(Click or roll over the icon at left to order directly from

Stuart Nulman is in with another edition of Book Banter. The reviewed book is:
  • True Compass: A Memoir by Edward M. Kennedy, Twelve Publishers, $35.

    Click on the links above to order directly on-line from and

    You can also read Stuart's reviews in The West End Times

This week's opening slate is presented by Stuart Nulman on his return to the program with Book Banter. In addition to hearing Stuart here you can also read his book reviews in The West End Times.
Music heard on this week's podcast include:
  • Soulful Strut - Grover Washington Jr. (opening theme)
  • Better Days - Citizen King (liner music)
  • Oh Canada - Five Iron Frenzy (liner music)
  • Stink - John Lurie (closing theme)

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